Sunday, November 2, 2008

Current Projects - Intarsia

I am currently working on two different Intarsia projects.

The first project is a Bald Eagle out of the Creative Woodworks and Crafts, January 2007 issue. I started this project bout a week ago and have several of the pieces already cut out. As of today, I need to finish the second talon and figure out what wood I am going to use for the feathers.

I have been trying to select and Eagle pattern that I could do for the office and thought that this would be a nice piece to hang up there.

The second project that I am working on currently is four of the same wise men for the annual Christmas nativity gifts that I make each year. This years wise man is the one how brings the chest of gold.

I have had a great weekend for cutting intarsia pieces.

21 Pieces cut this weekend - 21 Total Pieces cut since bloging.

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