Thursday, November 6, 2008

Monkey Face

Well I have not had a chance to make any sawdust in the last three days because of the work schedule. I am really looking forward to this weekend and having the opportunity to spend a bunch of time in the shop working on the latest intarsia pieces.

Thought I would share a photo with you today of an original design called Monkey Face. My dad has been drawing this monkey for years. In fact the story goes all the way back to his college days when he used to draw different pictures of this monkey and leave them on the windshield of moms car when they were dating.

I saw this monkey many times as a child. There was even one of those plates you can design yourself around the house that the boys would fight over to get at dinner time.

So when dad was here this summer I had him draw the money out and we created a pattern for this first original designed piece. The piece took a first place ribbon at the Spokane County fair for the category Intarsia Small.

The woods that I used in this piece were cedar, brazilian cedar, lacewood, and two woods that I need to research what they were.

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Travis said...

First, that's just a great pattern and it turned out fantastic. But I really like the story behind it. Those sentimental stories really make the project worth it! Nicely done!