Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wisemen are Shaping Up

I spent the day yesterday working on the wisemen. I have started shaping on all 4 of the pieces and they are looking great. I decided to go ahead and complete the shaping on one of them, so that I could use it as a pattern for the others. The picture on the right is of the completed one, with final sanding and ready to receive it's first coat of varnish.

I came across some interesting problems with the red heart that I was not expecting as I was sanding. Three of the turbans have to be re-cut because they had some fracture lines in them that became exposed as I sanded them. I think that if I try to use them, I run the risk of the piece splitting in the future.

I also had one to the main body pieces with a hidden knot in it and there is now a hole near the bottom. I guess that I will be re-cutting that piece as well.

Tammy came into the shop while I was sanding, and just started laughing. I try to be very aware of the sawdust and precautions not to inhale to much of the nasty stuff. I also wear my eye protection of course, since the sander has a tendency to try and rip the workpiece out of my hand and throw it about the room. I also have started wearing hearing protection. I am not sure if I do it for the noise, or just to be able to hear my music or book on tape better. The result is an alien looking creature, covered in dust. Just remember that this is fun!

7 Pieces Cut On November 10, 200
44 Total Piece Cut

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Rodica Botan said...

I like the wise man...Must be such a nice hobby to work with wood.